Recipe preparations

“Ofto” or “Antikristo” meat was prepared only in mountainous areas usually by shepherds. The way it was cooked was very convenient for the shepherds because they could not use any utensils outdoors in the mountains. Once they butchered the animal, they would remove the saddle and divide it into four pieces, called “goulidia”. Each piece was rolled in a wooden skewer made wood and salted. Some shepherds, followed a procedure called “otermenia”. That is, they placed stones in the shape of a square, where they would set up the meat skewers. In the middle of it, keeping the appropriate distance (not too close or too far) they placed a stack of dry woods. They lit the fire in order for the meat to cook by the flames of the fire. The meat was placed facing the fire (antikrista) and not on top of the fire. The meat was left in this position for 45 minutes and then it was turned over. The secret for the meat to become tasty is the fat. Source:(printed material: Anogeia, i gi tou mythou kai tou oneirou (Anogeia, the land of myth and dreams)