Metaxa or METAXA (as it is better known by its trade name) is a Greek alcoholic drink first created by Spyros Metaxas of Psarian in 1888.
Metaxa is a mixture of brandy and wine. It is produced from raisins (sultana, sabbatian and black Corinthian raisin). It is then combined with an aged Muscat grape wine from Samos and Lemnos. Metaxa is aged in handcrafted French Limousin oak barrels for at least three years before being flavored with a secret blend of herbs, including rose petals and distilled water.

Today METAXA is exported to more than 60 countries, while it is included in the 100 most popular drinks worldwide and the 50 fastest growing. Metaxa is available in five grades: “Three-star” (minimum three years old), “five-star” (minimum five years old), and “seven-star” (minimum seven years old), 12-star (minimum 12 years old) and Private Reserve with spirits over 30 years old. In 2008, on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of the distillery, METAXA AEN was put on the market in 1,888 numbered bottles of fine French Sevron crystal. METAXA AEN is a unique spirit that comes from Barrel No1, also known as the “barrel of Spyros Metaxas” with spirits of at least 100 years old and was the subject of a collection as a result of which it soon sold out with prices that exceeded 1000 euros/bottle.

METAXA was the first drink to be consumed in space while being one of the major sponsors of the 1982 FIFA World Cup (Mundial) in Spain. The Metaxas Hospital in Piraeus was built by a donation from Angelos Metaxas in 1963.

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