Raki or tsikoudia, the transparent aromatic nectar of the Cretan land, is not only a local product of Crete. It is the essence of a genuine tradition, the identity of a culture that is fully connected to the daily life of the proud inhabitants of the island, expressing in the best way Cretan hospitality.

Tsikoudia in Crete, among other things, is a sign of friendship and kindness, a communication tool. With a tsikoudia, Cretans like to celebrate or welcome their guests, talk in the cafe with the company, overcome their sorrows and solve their differences. Raki is produced from local varieties of Crete (mainly Liatiko) by the method of grape distillation in a fractional copper still.

Cretans use raki daily as medicine.

Accompanies Greek appetizers such as: Olives, Paximadi with tomato & oregano, tzatziki, omatias, artichoke etc.

With a small glass of tsikoudia, the Cretans sing in joy and say “To Our Health”.

Served: Cool at 10-15oC

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