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Thyme honey with royal jelly
Nutritional Value per 100gr

Energy 1222kJ/292kcal
Fat 0g – of which saturated 0g
Carbohydrates 72g – of which sugars 71.10g
Edible Fiber 0g
Protein 1.05g
Salt 0.04g


Mixing the thyme honey with the royal jelly gives the final product super food characteristics. Royal jelly is a milky white secretion produced by the glands of the worker bees, for the optimal nutrition and development of the queen bee.

Honey helps digestion to function properly, giving energy and increasing endurance, while royal jelly benefits the body with B vitamins that are crucial for the proper functioning not only of the nervous system but also of the entire body.

This mixture contains all the nutrients resulting from the combination of these two natural products, with a royal jelly content of 1.5%.

Dosage: The consumption of this mixture is recommended in 2 tablespoons per day, ideally in the morning. Mix the product well before each use.

Honey as an ingredient naturally preserves the royal jelly material in its mixture, thus preserving all the freshness of this “complex” product that only nutrition and health can provide.

COLOR: Its color is very light, with amber tones that tends to become whiter when crystallized.

PRODUCTION REGIONS: Crete (Meskla), Peloponnese (Argos), Epirus.


European Union, United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada, Other


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