Honey comes from the nectar collected by bees from the calyxes of various flowers or from the secretions of honey-bearing trees or insects. Under the influence of gastric juices and enzymes, as well as various processes of the insect, it is completely denatured and finally turns into this precious product, honey.

The main characteristics of honey:
– Provides energy
– It is rich in nutrients
– It has natural aromatic and antioxidant substances
– Strengthens immunity
– It’s good for the heart
– Softens the throat

It is a unique natural sweetener of great biological value, with distinct nutritional value. It has been proven by scientific research that it is a healthy food and has many components necessary for the human body. It contains dozens of natural elements such as vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, hydrogen peroxide, minerals, etc., which in total exceed 180, whose value is indisputable in the modern diet. In addition, honey also has antioxidant substances.

Honey, despite being a food and not a medicine, was used in applications in traditional medicine. In many universities, clinics and research institutions, in many countries of the world, qualified doctors and researchers, doing experiments, tests, researching and applying various treatment methods based on honey, and analyzing its components, extracted some very interesting information about dietetics, medicinal, therapeutic, antibacterial and antioxidant effect of honey.




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