Oxalic acid and glycerin strips are a smart, effective, and biological way of controlling 
the dangerous Varroa destructor mite that attacks bee colonies.
With proper application, it kills the mite in <97%, this is made possible by adding glycerin to the strips,
making the preparation active for 30 days.

Oxalic acid and glycerin strips are a clever, effective, and biological way of controlling the dangerous Varroa destructor mite that infects bee colonies.
With the proper application it kills Varroa mites at a rate of <97%, this is possible by adding glycerin to the strips making the preparation effective for 30 days. They are made exclusively in Greece.
Ingredients: Pure cellulose strips, High purity Oxalic Acid 99.6%, High purity Glycerin pharmaceutical 98.5%.

Oxalic acid stripes are cellulose strips immersed in a mixture of an appropriate ratio of high purity oxalic acid over 99.6% and vegetable refined glycerin over 98.5% purity, for biological use against varroa mite.
Oxalic acid is an organic acid with the chemical formula C2H2O4. It is a white solid, relatively strong carboxylic acid. It is found in nature in concentrations of sorrel (commonly nettle) and in many other plants
Vegetable Refined Glycerin is a clear, colorless, odorless, viscous, hygroscopic liquid that is widely used as an ingredient in cosmetics and food.
To summarize: All the ingredients used are suitable for the biological control of Varroa by beekeepers.

Treatment Effectiveness
Smart, Effective, and Biological Treatment.

The reasons why it is worth choosing the following method are the following:
⦁ It is 100% Biological Therapy.
⦁ It is quite effective (with proper application <97%)
⦁ It is low cost, sustainable something important for professional beekeepers.
It is easy to use, without the need for repetitive applications.
Has no side effects (when used properly) on the swarm.
. It can be used as a treatment repeatedly more than once a year for several months.
. You do not notice Varroa gaining immunity to Oxalic Acid.

Excellent against VARROA MITE

100% Biological treatment.
High control efficiency of Varroa mite <97%.
Economical solution.
Varroa mite does not acquire immunity in Therapy.
It can be applied during the honey harvest season without affecting the quality of the honey.

How Oxalic Acid Strips Act

As the bee passes over the strip the oxalic acid with which it is impregnated, as acid, ¨ literally ¨burns¨ the Varroa that is attached to its body. The mite does not tolerate such an acidic environment. So the way to fight is by contact, not by evaporation like other preparations.
The success of this treatment is based not only on the active substance oxalic acid but also on glycerin.
The role of glycerin is to greatly slow down the sublimation of oxalic acid from the film due to the fact that it is quite thick and non-volatile. In this way, we control and significantly slow down the release rate of oxalic acid to a point where it is still effective for a month, thus covering even a drone brood cycle (28 days), unlike other chemicals and sublimation foggers that in the presence of It may take 3-4 cycles of treatment to achieve the same result.
The appropriate addition of glycerin in combination with the cellulose of the film, makes oxalic acid act prolonged, boosting the effectiveness of the preparation to over 90%, as a reference to the mortality in Varroa.
In this simple and effective way, the tapes ensure effective control of one of the biggest enemies of beekeeping.

When & How Placing Oxalic Acid Strips


This treatment can be applied all seasons of the year (and in the presence of brood) subject to Winter. The reason is that this formulation works by the contact of the bee on the tape, when the ambient temperature is very low the bees gather close together making a sphere in which they move lazily, so we do not have many contacts of different bees with the strips, reducing possibly their effectiveness against varroa. It is also good to avoid the use of films in intense heat in summer.


As a reference, the amount of films in the beehive is proportional to its size, it is about 1 film folded per 2.5 frames of population, for example in the 10-beehive will be 4 films, while in a 5-beehive 2 films. On the two floors, there are 4 films in the brood nest and 2-3 on the upper floor, even if it is 20 amps you do not need more than 7 films in total.

As for the position we put them should always be inside or as close as possible to the brood, the reason is that in the brood nest is always the highest concentration of varroa.

Although the classic placement is right in the center of the brood for maximum contact, to prevent the acid from creating an empty zone between the brood, which oſten happens, you can with the same efficiency put them about 6-8 cm from the broom. center of the offspring leſt or right, but never out of the offspring.


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