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Genuine Honey from Greek Holly _ Superior honey in terms of taste!
The holly or holly or pernia (scientific name oak, Quercus coccifera L.) is one of the most widespread species in Greece. The holly is known mainly as a shrub, but it actually becomes a tree (about 20 meters tall). It is an evergreen, sclerophyllous oak that grows around the Mediterranean basin. It grows from the borders of the sea to a thousand meters altitude.

The holly blooms in the spring, specifically in April and May. More specifically, the first 15 days of May. It has a characteristic fruit, dry and red-yellow with a leathery exocarp (round, like a small disc).

TASTE: The holly honey is one of the categories of Greek honey with an incredible “velvet” taste, mild sweetness with a characteristic appearance, which stands out but without a strong aroma.

AROMA: Its aroma takes the senses right to the rich Greek forests.

COLOR: Its color, usually dark, reddish, more or less light, depending on the area of production.

CRYSTALLIZATION: The holly honey is particularly thick and never crystallizes as it contains a low percentage of glucose. It doesn’t make you weak or burn in the throat, a sign of low fructose.


PRODUCTION AREAS: Crete, Peloponnese, North Macedonia, Epirus, SE Aegean Islands (from Samos to Rhodes) and at an altitude of up to 1000 meters.


European Union, United States of America, Rest


250g, 500g, 800g, 1Kg, 2Kg


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