Why Oxalic Acid Strips

Treatment Effectiveness

Smart, Effective and Biological Threatment

kills Varroa mite at a rate of

The reasons why it is worth choosing the following method are the following:
⦁ It is 100% Biological Therapy.
⦁ It is quite effective (with proper application <97%)
⦁ It is low cost, sustainable something important for professional beekeepers.
It is easy to use, without the need for repetitive applications.
Has no side effects (when used properly) on the swarm.
. It can be used as a treatment repeatedly more than once a year for several months.
. You do not notice Varroa gaining immunity to Oxalic Acid.

Excellent against VARROA MITE

  • 100% Biological treatment.
  • High control efficiency of Varroa mite <97%.
  • Economical solution.
  • Varroa mite does not acquire immunity in Therapy.
  • It can be applied during the honey harvest season without affecting the quality of the honey.