Paliouri honey
Nutritional Value per 100gr

Energy 1193kJ/284kcal
Fat 0g – of which saturated 0g
Carbohydrates 71.10g – of which sugars 71.10g
Edible Fiber 0g
Protein 0.25g
Salt 0.04g


It is literally a rare natural treasure of the Greek Earth! The honey collected by the bees from the paliouri plant is a unique bee-trophic plant that produces excellent quality honey.

Paliouri honey, the first honey of spring, with a very high concentration of paliouri pollen grains, quite aromatic, with a desired high viscosity, excellent quality and high nutritional value and crystallizes very slowly (6-8 months) from its harvest. Its characteristic is its particularly high enzyme content, with tonic, antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, while at the same time it helps in the proper functioning of the digestive system.

Paliouri is an herb known since ancient times, in Greece it is found in the warmer area of the para-Mediterranean vegetation zone, It has a yellow-orange color with very good viscosity and its flowers are yellow-green. The total percentage of pollen grains found in paliuri honey varies according to the year but exceeds 80% in paliuri herb.

It is highly nutritious and an excellent way to start your morning with energy.

TASTE: Paliuri honey has a characteristically rich and pleasantly mild sweet taste. Light orange in color and quite aromatic.

PRODUCTION REGIONS: Epirus (found on the slopes of Xerovouni and at the foot of Pindos), Macedonia (Pella, Halkidiki, Kozani – mountains of Siatista).

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